About you

Sound familiar?

You’ve spent years in a career that’s slowly lost meaning.

You’re good at what you do.

You like – or maybe even love – certain parts of your job but there are other parts that just suck the energy out of you.
Maybe there’s too much work on your plate,
maybe it’s management making all the wrong decisions,
maybe it’s the constant firefighting,
or maybe it’s the work itself that just doesn’t feel like you anymore.
You’ve tried doing something about it but realized it’s more draining to try to change things than to just accept them as they are.

So you tell yourself “Why bother? It’s just not worth my energy.”

Instead, you’ve just been taking the rough with the smooth and making the best of it.

You’ve maybe even found more work-life balance by going for the odd jog, taking more breaks – that don’t involve checking your messages – doing a little yoga or meditation and now your days feel more manageable.
But you’ve reached a point
where cutting down just isn’t cutting it.
You don’t want work to be something you balance out with “life.”

You want to love your work. You want it to feel fulfilling.

You want it to feel like a natural, creative expression of who you are, where it just feels like you’re being yourself, doing what you love and – at the same time – making a meaningful difference to people’s lives.
You know other people who’ve taken the leap and left their careers, but you can’t seem to take a measly little step, let alone a leap.

You’ve spoken to friends, family, your partner, maybe even had a quiet coffee with your bezzie work friend.

Talking about it makes you feel better, but you’re just not moving forward. You feel stuck.
You know you’ve got it in you, but something’s holding you back. You’ve been batting around a few ideas but they’re not exactly quit-your-day-job mterial.

And playing it safe and staying put doesn’t feeling good either.
The good news is:
You don’t need to stay stuck.
It’s time to love your job!

Ready to take your foot off the break
and go on a joy-ride to work you love?