Here are some nice things my clients say about working with me

Do you know the feeling, when your inner and outer voices don't match? Do you feel more connected to your past than to your future? Or is your environment so much louder than you? Are you missing something but you don’t know what exactly? I was. And that's when I decided to meet Prit for coaching. And I can tell you it was an adventure!

During this adventure, Prit was a guide, a companion and a friend who cheered me on and truly shared the joy around my small successes. With his head full of ideas and techniques, he helped me to find my path.

I won’t lie. It was hard work! I learned routines, I discovered uncomfy truths, I learned how to pack my bag of life for new adventures. In the end, I had a new job, 3 daily routines, a massively reduced stress level and a lot of sunshine in my heart. And I loved every minute of this journey. My inner voice is now my guide again. I can listen to her and I can embrace my “real me”.

Thank you Prit, for your kindness, your guidance and for the nice sessions.

Anna | Berlin, Germany

Above all, coaching has helped me get out of my own way. I have moved beyond virtually all procrastination to building a life I deeply believe in, thanks to new insight into my blockers and a more compelling vision for my future. From scoring investor meetings and new clients, to approaching dating and friendships with more nuance and depth, and establishing healthier routines, coaching has supported me to live my full potential.

What I appreciate most is my newfound vision for who I want to be. The “what” becomes less important when I clearly know “how” I want to approach each situation in my life. This has opened up a lot of opportunities. It wouldn’t have been possible without adopting more of an outsider perspective on myself, which Prit really helped me with.

Prit is truly an enabler; he can read a situation and encourage or probe where necessary, which brought out the best in me and supported my overall process. I appreciated his attention to my needs and the consistent celebration of wins. His positivity is contagious. In the end, I saw a genuine connection and care that went above and beyond a simple service relationship.

Many of the coaching exercises are relevant across different areas of my life, so I will continue to apply these as I face new challenges. I also take with me a deep sense of confidence that life is in my hands - I can always change and choose who I want to be.

Honestly, just thank you! It’s been so valuable.

Ida | Sweden

Prit’s coaching style is not about superficial changes or quick fixes. His inspirational approach really encouraged and challenged me to discover what it is that actually drives me beyond a busy to-do list and the empty promise of accumulating trophies on my shelf. Prit helped me to change my underlying mindset and to tap into my creative and gentle self – the place from which true and long-lasting change is possible.

Rosa | Germany

I had an enjoyable experience working with Prit. One of the exercises that resonated with me was when Prit asked if I could visualize my future. In this practice, I was encouraged to get out of the tactical plan and more into the what and why (and less about the how). I have slowly seen some of what I visualized manifesting itself in present day. Also, I noticed that Prit had gone above and beyond his role as a coach. He made himself available to send encouraging messages and provided really useful advice when I was building my website. Prit’s style was always professional and kind. I also felt like he was authentic throughout our sessions and outside our sessions. Thank you, Prit!

Shigei | UK

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