My Story:
From Stuck To Unstoppable

Chapter 3

Getting unstuck...

I finally realised I wasn’t stuck in crappy conditions. I was stuck in my own pattern.

It was me the whole time. And I took myself everywhere I went!

I was the one who’d been creating all the pain, strain and struggle and making life so hard for myself.
I finally admitted “It’s about time I face my issues head on and make a few changes”.

I decided to make small tweaks to my workday, so it was more enjoyable.

I read a book on the way to work instead of checking my emails.
I enjoyed a nice long coffee and breakfast in the canteen.
I spent time chatting to people.
I also shifted my focus to the parts of my job that felt enjoyable.

And in time, I started to really like my job!

I finally had energy!

And I finally had ideas. Lots of ideas.
Most of them on how to improve the way we work and how to tailor my own job so that it fit me.

I made a pitch to my bosses and they gave me the green light.

Before I knew it, work had become exciting and finally felt like me!
Instead of coming home feeling frustrated and exhausted, I felt energised and satisfied that I’d made a real difference.

... and being unstoppable!

Suddenly I felt like a leader.
I had vision, I had passion, I had unwavering belief.
Things were moving and I was bringing people along with me.

Everything was falling into place, without me even trying.  
I got asked to give a talk to the whole department, I got asked to be a mentor and I received an award for saving the company millions of Euros.

I was at the top of my game and I felt unstoppable!

I was thriving effortlessly, by focusing on the stuff I loved.
I realised I loved working with people and inspiring and encouraging them to be their best, by being themselves and doing what they love.

I finally discovered:

You don’t stand out by being the best.
You stand out by being yourself.

As a Life Coach, I now get to help others find work that feels like them, to thrive as a result and to inspire others to do the same.

That’s the dream. And I’m livin’ it!