My Story:
From Stuck To Unstoppable

Chapter 1

Stuck in first gear

In my mid-twenties, life seemed great on the surface.

I had a decent job as an aerospace engineer, a lush Audi A4 and I was somehow managing to balance a solid gym routine, Samba drumming classes, online dating and my newfound passion for standup comedy.

But underneath, I felt something was missing.
My life was filled full but not fulfilled.

I was running around looking busy, while my life stood still – still no girlfriend, still no promotion.

Work felt like a double-decker bus stuck in first gear.
The thought of staying in that job and settling down in that grey, depressing town felt suffocating.

I needed something new and exciting.

I needed a job that was dynamic and challenging and half a chance of meeting someone on my wavelength.
I found a team leader role at Rolls-Royce Germany, close to Berlin.
Cool job, cool city, cool salary!

It took just one week from applying to getting the job. Things were finally moving…

Stuck on the conveyer belt

They say “be careful what you wish for”.

I was suddenly leading a team of rocket scientists, to build a crucial part of an Airbus jet engine.
A huge learning curve, an intimidating perfectionist boss and my gotta-prove-myself mentality wasn’t a great recipe.

Work took over my life and I was exhausted.
I realised that all I’d done was study my ass off, then work my ass off. My ass was tired!

During that time I was reading a book called ‘The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying’ and the top 2 were:

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

I read that and thought, “Wow! What am I doing to myself?”

It suddenly felt like I was on a conveyer belt, churning out “successful men”.
It’s like I’d woken up and realised “shit, this isn’t my life!” I needed to get away, quick!

I decided to quit my job and go travelling, together with a German girl I had met 6 months back. Take that, conveyer belt!

“Let go and see where life takes us”. That was our motto.