Hi, I'm Prit

I love my work and I love my life.

I live on the beautiful island of Mallorca with my amazing German partner and our two little dogs – no wedding ring, no kids.

As a British-Indian guy in my mid-thirties, that’s not exactly typical or what’s expected of me.

I listen to my heart and not my head.

But it wasn’t always like that…

About me

I went through years of feeling stressed out, believing that “hard work pays off” and that I have to prove to myself and the world how good I am – in a career that was what was expected of me but never truly me in the first place.

My motto was “Aim high. Be the best.”

I studied Aerospace Engineering and was top of the class. Then I landed impressive jobs in big, impressive companies like Rolls-Royce and Jaguar Land Rover.

But it wasn’t me.
I was trying way too hard to be someone I wasn’t.

And once I let go, stopped trying and focused on the stuff that I loved and that came naturally to me, my career sky-rocketed.

Turns out you don’t stand out by being the best.
You stand out by being yourself.

The more I focused on me and on what I love, the more I grew out of engineering and grew into coaching.

Now I have a job where I can just be myself and get paid! Work doesn’t feel like work anymore.

And I know you can get there too!

And here's some random stuff about me...

I spent 1.5 years doing stand-up comedy and seriously thought about quitting my day job – no joke

I’ve got a ridiculously good memory for numbers, names and faces – I tend to memorise my credit card numbers, passport numbers, phone numbers, passcodes, you name it and I rarely forget a face or name – I’m basically Jason Bourne without the combat skills and sense of direction
I spent 7 years doing Brazilian samba drumming and Japanese taiko drumming, played in 4 different bands and once auditioned for STOMP…and seriously thought about quitting my day job – badum bum…

I’m an Enneagram type 9 aka “The Peacemaker”