part II

During our coaching

When you’re stuck in your head, ‘finding work you love that feels like you’ can feel like hard work. Working with me feels far from it.

I get you out of your head and into your heart.

I make sure your coaching journey feels enjoyable, energising and fits you perfectly – just like your new work!
You won’t want the journey to end – and nor should it.
During the months we spend together, we’ll cover three crucial areas that not only help you find work you love right now, but for years to come.

As you grow and evolve, so will your dream.

When you master these three areas, you’ll literally work happily ever after:



is about digging deep and getting to the very core of who you are – beyond the surface-level “you.”

You’ll learn to tune out those scared little voices in your head saying

“You’re not good enough. What will people think? What if it doesn’t work out? You’re just not ready yet,”

and to tune in your real voice – the one saying

“You’ve got this! You’re doing this for YOU. Now’s the perfect time.”
We’ll explore all of your superpowers – the things you’re amazingly good at and you find energising and effortless.

And what good are superpowers, if you don’t use them?
Together, we’ll discover creative and powerful ways to use and combine them in your work.

The result: a newfound sense of clarity and confidence about who you are and what’s possible for you.


is all about letting go and dreaming your amazing new work life into being.

We’ll sort out the fluff – that just sounds good – from the stuff that really gets you going – in as much vivid detail as you can imagine.

You’ll even get feel-good ideas on how to bring your vision to life, starting right now.
You might get general feelings like
“I want my work to feel calm and effortless, yet energising”
and then end up with specifics like
“I want my own yoga and meditation studio.”
Then one of your feel-good ideas could be to host your first yoga session in your living room, with three of your best friends.


is about taking action in an enjoyable and sustainable way – that you’ll be inspired to continue, once our time is over.

Moving forward and getting things done doesn’t have to feel like hard work. In fact, it doesn’t have to feel like work at all – together we’ll discover ways that feel great to you.
Maybe you get your best ideas while walking your dogs in the forest.
So by taking a pad and pencil with you, you come home with loads of ideas you can’t wait to get started on.