My Story

My Story

My Story: From Stuck To Unstoppable – Chapter 1

In my mid-twenties, life seemed great on the surface.

I had a decent job as an aerospace engineer, a lush Audi A4 and I was somehow managing to balance a solid gym routine, Samba drumming classes, online dating and my newfound passion for standup comedy.

But underneath, I felt something was missing.

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My Story

My Story: From Stuck To Unstoppable – Chapter 2

It started out so romantic: New girl, new life, new adventure!

With a backpacker’s budget and shit loads of savings, we decided to milk it and enjoy our freedom.
Life was good.

Until slowly but surely I started feeling stuck again.
Just in a different way.

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My Story

My Story: From Stuck To Unstoppable – Chapter 3

I finally realised I wasn’t stuck in crappy conditions. I was stuck in my own pattern.

It was me the whole time. And I took myself everywhere I went!

I was the one who’d been creating all the pain, strain and struggle and making life so hard for myself.

I finally admitted “It’s about time I face my issues head on and make a few changes”.

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I used to think of habits as either good or bad. In other words, I thought of them as things that are good for me, or things that are bad for me.

Getting up at 6:00am sharp for a jog, eating my “five-a-day,” and passionately reciting positive affirmations in the bathroom mirror – those are all good habits, right?
“There’s just not enough hours in the day.”

“If I don’t do the overtime, it won’t get done.”

“I spend all my time fire-fighting and fixing other people’s problems!”

This was me just a few years ago.
“We’re all born naked and the rest is drag” – RuPaul

I love this quote from the drag queen RuPaul. Not because I secretly love drag, but because I love what it says about our identity…or identities, plural.

It’s so true for so many of us – myself included – that we go through a whole series of identities throughout our lives.