Elopement Officiant

There’s literally no couple on Earth like you and your fiancé.
Your relationship and your story is one-of-a-kind.
So you deserve a ceremony that really honours that.

As your celebrant (or officiant, if you’re from the States), it’s my absolute pleasure to create, and guide you through, your fully-personalised ceremony.

I’ll tell the story of how you met, how you fell in love, how you popped the question and whatever else you’re willing to share with me!

I’ll even personalise the official marriage vows, to make them even more meaningful and not as heavy as that “til death do us part” stuff!

And, the great thing about elopements is: It’s just the two of you (and maybe a couple of VIPs!)

So if you’re sharing personal vows, which I always encourage, you can make them as personal and intimate as you like – without 80 to 100 pairs of eyes and ears pointed at you!

If you want, I can step out of earshot, so that precious moment is truly yours and yours only.

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Let’s Make Magic Happen!

Vow Renewal Celebrant

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No matter how many years you’ve been married, renewing your commitment to each other can be an incredibly powerful thing to do.

It’s not about how much time has gone by but about how much your love has grown over the years.

It’s about how strong your relationship has become by experiencing the tough times, as well as the joyful ones.

In a way, renewing your vows can feel even more special than your wedding.

It can almost feel like two different people meeting – because you’ve each had years to evolve and to grow into the people you are today.

And you did it together. And that’s really something worth celebrating.

As your celebrant, it’s my privilege to help you express your renewed promises to one another.
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Singing Celebrant

For me, songs are one of the most powerful ways for us to communicate and connect as humans.

I see songs as stories with a tune. So when you feel moved by a song, it’s because you can relate to the story it carries or it’s because of what the song signifies for you.

Maybe it’s a song from your first date or, if you’re renewing your vows, from your wedding.

Whatever that song is for you, it would be my honour to sing it during your ceremony.

I choose to sing a cappella, as it’s the purest, freest and most intimate form of singing.

Which I think fits perfectly to the spirit of elopements and vow renewals. 
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Wanna be serenaded down the aisle?

About me

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When I was 7 years old, I was asked “what do you wanna be when you’re older?” My answer: A singing celebrant. Yeah right!

It was probably something more like “astronaut” or “er…not sure…I’m 7!”

My life didn’t exactly turn out the way I’d expected or could’ve imagined.

It turned out better! I live on the beautiful island of Mallorca, with my amazing wife and 3 fluffy little dogs and get to do what I love – sing and celebrate life and love.

That’s what being a celebrant is about for me.

I love meeting new people, I love creative story telling and I love creating personal, meaningful experiences that make people laugh, cry and feel inspired.

Q & A

Mallorca is a truly enchanting place to say “I do.” Its breathtaking landscapes, from pristine beaches to rolling hills and charming villages, offer a great range of stunning backdrops for your wedding ceremony. The island’s warm Mediterranean climate and rich cultural heritage add to its appeal, making it an ideal destination for couples looking to create unforgettable memories.

Absolutely! Your love story is at the heart of your wedding, and I believe in crafting a ceremony that truly reflects your journey as a couple. We’ll sit down together, share stories, and discuss your vision, allowing me to create a ceremony that is personalised, heartfelt, and filled with the essence of your relationship. It’s all about making your special day as meaningful and memorable as possible.

Of course! I embrace and celebrate the diversity of couples I work with. Whether you come from different cultural backgrounds or follow specific religious traditions, I’m happy to include different customs and rituals into your wedding ceremony. By honouring and respecting your traditions, I can create a harmonious blend of rituals that symbolise the union of your families and the love you share.

Under certain conditions yes but it’s a lot of paperwork. Most couples choose a simple register office ceremony back home a few weeks before the big day to take care of the legal stuff quietly (some of them don’t even tell their families or friends to keep it low-key).

Once all the paperwork is out of the way, you can fully focus on your dream wedding in Mallorca.